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Ref. 03: The Pochade Box.

  • This box has a storage facilty for three wet boards in the lid. Access is via the hinged front of the lid.
  • External measurements are 385mm x 275mm x 115mm (15" x 1034" x 412" ).

  • The maximum size board that the lid can hold is 360mm x 255mm (14" x 10") of up to 4mm thickness. There are three pairs of wooden stops for anchoring smaller sized boards.

  • The chain that holds the lid when the box is open has some spare links, allowing the angle of the lid to be altered as desired.

  • In the base, under the palette, is a depth of 45mm (134").

  • When the box is closed, there is sufficient space to allow for paint to be kept on the palette without it touching any painting in the lid storage area.

  • There are two versions available — one with the palette sliding out to the left, the other has it sliding out to the right. Please state which one is required when ordering.

  • The varnished box has a carrying handle. A shoulder strap can be fitted for an extra £5.00.

  • Approx weight is 1.75 kgs.

Price: £65.00

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