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Ref. 02: Multimedia Pochade Box.

  • This Pochade Box holds two 10" x 12" (253mm x 305mm) boards of up to 4mm thickness in the easel/lid.

  • The external measurements of the box, when closed are 1534" x 1134" x 3" (390mm x 300mm x 80mm).

  • The weight is 1.7kg (approx).

  • The palette area is 1234" x 1034" x 114" (325mm x 275mm x 32mm).

  • The easel is lightweight and will slide off the storage box, allowing it to be used on one's lap or on a table.

  • The storage box below the easel has a depth of 138" (35mm); it has a front section for brushes and four other sections.

  • The angle of the easel can be set to that of your choice.

  • When not in use, the easel closes down and keeps the paints/palette safe. It then slides into the top of the strorage box to form an easy–to–carry artist's companion.

  • The Pochade Box, which is varnished, comes with a carrying handle, a plain palette, and a watercolour palette. A shoulder strap can be fitted for an extra £5.

Price £69.00

© R. Abbey, 2010.